Time for a hog killing


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Yep, hope y'all get em. Y'all got em in the daylight. The few we got are in early am. Good luck. Lets see em when y'all smoke em. The ones we got want come too a auto feeder.


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I’m serious here. What about some kind of big corral trap? Looks like they come there regularly. It would have to be tough, those are some big ugly hogs.
All the old diseases that have been eradicated from the domestic hog population are present in feral hogs. You can get several serious diseases from contact with hogs while processing them or by eating undercooked pork. What appears on the surface as a bonanza of fun and freezers of free meat can cause serious problems. Hogs are bad news.
I killed my first hog in November 2016. I got horribly sick about 5 days later. I didn't know what caused it for a long time, but my body was rejecting any kind of food or liquid. I lost about 15-20 pounds over 3 or 4 days. I hadn't eaten any of the hog but I processed it without gloves. I ended up reading about the need to wear gloves if you are going to mess with a wild hog and came to the conclusion that whatever I was sick with was because of something I received from that hog. Maybe brucellosis.