Time for a vacation Driveler #252

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Good Morning Wycliff.

Maybe this music will help somewhat for this thread. If not maybe somebody else might help us out this morning.

I will be taking my annual summer vacation soon and every year, I think about this song because since 1988, I have gone down to Florida and played golf for a week with my friends from New York, Kentucky and Missouri. Even by 10 AM each day, it is hotter than a boiled owl down there too according to my golfing buddy from Missouri.
:cheers: Good job Wy, EE, lets get this party started!:fine:
Already sticky out there. Can believe how wet I got trimming shrubs.
EE, are you able to play golf again?
Mornin Folks!

Fixin to head out, slept a couple extra hours.

It’s actually chilly up here with a brisk wind and heading home to those stifling hot temps. :rolleyes:

Holler later!


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Morning everyone. We're having a hippy gathering up here in the mountains. Took me about ten minutes to get out of my driveway due to all the charter buses going out Hwy 115 West bound. I bet them Folks are having a blast!

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Gave the dealership my bottom drive off price and they just called back. Only 200.00 above my bottom dollar. I think I'll take it. Save me a couple grand. :banana:
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mrs. hornet22

Floor sweeper, dish washer
Seriously. I got the quote on line and it was a LOT less than what was on the sticker at the dealership when I went to look at it. So, I'm really doing pretty good. GO ME! :bounce:
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