Tips for keeping your broadheads sharp:

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Likely most of you have already got your broad heads sharpened in preparation for opening day but before you go out into the weather with them give them a light coat of vegetable oil or spray them with Pam cooking spray then gently wipe them off. Once in the foam head type quivers it will leave a light coat inside as well and they will be much less susceptible to rust.
Another thing I have seen folks do is put a dirty broad head back inside their foam head quivers which can leave dirt and sand particles in it. These particles will dull future heads when you put them in that same spot and you won't be able to get the particles out. Either wash the head good with water or take it off the arrow. Good luck fellers, and ladies too. :)
I removed the foam from my kwickee quivers. The broad head blades are up inside the plastic hood the only way to cut yourself would be to stick your hand up inside the hood. Once my broadheads are sharp they touch nothing until shot.
I’ve trailed a lot of bow shot deer and dull broad heads are the number one reason for lost deer, even above shot placement. I once trailed a doe that was hit on the inside of her back leg with a really sharp broad head she bled profusely and we found her. I’ve lost count of the chest shot deer that have been lost by friends and family with a “mostly” sharp broad head.