Tips for staying on stand?

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This saturday is the opening of Wisconsin firearm season and I will be heading north for the weekend. (thanks for the great b-day gift to my wife!! :clap: )
Anyway, I will only be hunting the weekend instead of the week as usual. Given that Saturday is the opener, this is pretty much my best chance of taking a buck (buck only area-no does this year)

So, any tips for staying on stand all day. I am guessing it will be roughly 10 hours on stand, and that is a long, long day. Normally I head back to the cabin for a couple hours, but I dont want to this year given the time limit.

I plan to pack a light lunch, some coffee, pee bottle, electric solitare game along with the normal stuff.

Any other suggested items that I may need?
Sounds to me, is you are already taking enough.Any more you'll miss seeing your deer :D .
A (the) good book, some food, water, extra bottle just in case, a plastic bag to pack out your trash, maybe some TP just in case. I wouldn’t take coffee or other foods with strong scents. Say a good prayer giving thanks for the day and enjoy, good luck.

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Anytime I want to sit in a stand for a long period of time, I stay away from coffee from the time I wake up. I'll take a couple of caffeine pills to get my daily fix. I'll bring water to drink and snacks to munch on. I also take a note pad and pencil to make notes or write a letter.


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I like to take the trail mix bars or some other power bars along with slim jims and some fruit like apples or pears. A couple of sandwiches would be a good idea for an all dayer as well. I take a 16 oz thermos of coffee and a bottle of water also. My coffee thermos is camo and it allows you to just flip the lid open with the push of a button and drink from it. It only has a small hole where the coffee comes out when drinking so it doesn't let a lot of the scent escape. Expensive at $40, though it was the best money I've spent in awhile. It could also be used for hot soup as well. Having something hot to drink will really help on those really cold days.
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Once you get up there and get situated..loosen your boot strings..will help with the circulation and keeping the toes warm- maybe even add a second pair of socks if its cold-cold..also a good Idea to do like we did in the army..dummy cord your rifle (2 foot lanyard from buttstock swivle to beltloop)..just in case you doze off - has happened to good people. When I get bored, I start glassing the thick stuff and out beyond my shooting lanes..It amazes me at the number of deer I've picked up with bino's first...sieze the day..there will only be one like it..



I have no tips......

I've never, ever sat in the stand all day.......

Ain't no way that I could do that...... :confused: :confused: :confused:
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Thanks for all the tips everyone. I have never done an all day outing, but really want to this trip.
Got my list now and we'll see how it goes.

Thanks again
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Bowbender said:
Now that you have everything for a all day sit, you will be standing over your deer 20 minutes in to it. :D
Well we all hope so. Have a safe and a good hunt.


That would be just fine!! :cool: :cool:
If it were me and I had as much riding on this as you seem to, I would not take along any distractions, i.e. books, games, etc. I know it is difficult because I have done it but you have to try to be alert the whole time and focused. I like the idea of scanning the thick stuff with binocs if you get bored. And you will. But that's the nature of the beast. But it is an excellent means to take a good buck provided you are hunting in a good buck location which I assume you will be. Attitude is 90% of it. You have to think that at any moment the buck of a life time will step into view. Good luck.