To shoot????? Or wait for the "BIG ONE"????


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Heck Tim, I, the self proclaimed doe harvester let 2 does and a decent 8 point go in Illinois just last Thrusday. What, me let a doe walk when I still had doe tags? I know, hard to believe but I did. Heck, the decent 8 would have conservatively scored 125+. I let them walk because a 170+ class was coming up the trail behind them and I thought for sure he would stroll in to check out the does. Unfortunately, the 8 and the does took off running at the sight of the big boy and I did not let arrow 1 fly at any of the. What is the point you ask? WHile the 8 would have easily been my best ever with a bow, I decided to wait on the big one even though it did not work out. I could have easily made the 18 yard shot on the 8, but if you want to kill a true monster, sometimes you just have to wait. Heck, that statement comes from someone that is not even a trophy hunter.


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Etter1 said:
It suprises me how much people are forced to "think" about hunting nowadays. I haven't been hunting as long as most of you and I definitely haven't killed near as many deer as most of you but I hope it never gets to the point where I am not proud of a nice 3.5 year old buck, no matter how big the rack is. People on here don't even seem to care when they shoot a doe. For some of you, on your clubs, I guess it's like going out and picking an apple but I think we still owe it to the animals we kill to get excited about each one. I don't mean to offend anyone. Just my opinion.
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etter1-i agree to an extent. but, i'm all for those of us who let little bucks walk so they can mature in to those beasts we dream of. they'll never get big if you shoot them little.

honestly, and this is just me, my heart pumps when i see any deer--yearling, doe, little buck, big buck. to me, that's why i'm there. to enjoy being outdoors and seeing game.

last year, i shot a little buck in december and told myself i wouldn't shoot a buck i didn't consider trophy size after that moment. i know everyone has their own definition of trophy size and i have mine as well. it's not based on the number of points, but on a respectable rack or a distinguished rack, or body, that exhibits a unique quality. in other words, a four point piebald buck, to me, is a unique "trophy". of course, a 140 class buck is as well!

this year, i've let numerous little bucks walk. i enjoyed seeing them, but i sure wouldn't find pleasure in shooting them. i'd actually feel disappointed if harvested a potential giant before he had a chance to make his silly mistakes and mature.

i find WAY more pleasure in harvesting a nice, fat doe than a little buck. that would bring a smile to my face. :D
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Good things come to those who wait... :)

And believe me, one must have the patience of Job.. *LOL*