Toccoa tailwater

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Does any body know if there are any trout in the public areas of the river. the last few months the reports have
been that no fish in public areas need a boat for other areas. Want to go fishing next week.
A bit surprised no one has replied on this as the Toccoa tailwater I believe has become a sore subject over the last few years.. I remember when I first started fly fishing 8 or 9 years ago I fished Curtis Switch a lot and occasionally floated from Taman to Curtis and had a ball catching and Releasing some nice size trout. Don't know if it was the smart phone era or facebook era or what but the next thing you know photos of 28" browns and bows are popping up everywhere, GON writing articles and showing photos of big fish. It didn't take regulars long to notice the pickup in fishermen on the river with canoes and stringers. I haven't fish the tail water now in 4 years or so but it may be better. Give Curtis Switch a go, just check the release schedule to be sure of the water level if you are wading. I have had success fishing from the Swinging Bridge up to Rock Creek on the upper section, don't count that out. Enjoy!


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I'm still fishing between Curtis and horseshoe daily, and still catching trout daily... some days are better than others... Real deal is the river will likely never be the same as it as pre 2009 fish kill. It's biologically different, has nothing to do with stringers, facebook posts, GON articles or locals or out of towners. Gone is the river full of fed rainbows under every dock. The population of fish over 16" in da river is 75% browns, 25% bows. Pre 2009 it as the opposite 75% bows 25% browns. Lets face it browns are harder to catch.