Top Counties in GA for BIG BUCKS

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List the top 5 counties in the state of GA that you think consistently produce big bucks. I don't know that I have ever seen this topic on here and am very interested to see some of your answers. I don't have enough proof for my answer but when I think about the best hunting counties in GA my list is as follows. Changed my list. Fulton deserves a spot I think.

1. Harris
2. Washington
3. Meriwether
4. Taylor
5. Fulton
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I feel slighted, none of ya mentioned my poor little ol county. I know for a fact, we have some B & C 90 to 100's hanging around.


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If you dont mind me asking, why did you list Washington Co. Not saying we don't produce or have good bucks, but we just are not very popular or lucky with gon.. it seems like most good bucks are killed by people that dont subscribe to gon. But there are some nice ones around.
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I got buddies that hunt there and they always hsve good ones on camera or brought back to camp....may not be deserving of top 5 but i know id love to hunt there
I made the maps below a couple of years ago based on the Ga Deer Registry of B&C Deer and Deer over 160.

By historical # of recorded deer up to two yrs ago this would be the order of the Top 5.

1 Macon
2 Worth
3 Dooly
4 Colquitt
5 Lee & Jones

Based on the most recent 10 yrs I would say.

1 Worth
2 Colquitt
3 Lee
4 Brooks
5 Harris


i'm sure their are a lot of hunters that are very happy their county did not make any of these list! i just asoon not make it to easy for the out of staters. they already get to many tags for way to little money.

cant say about the rest but for sure jones county know for a fact a 172 2/8 12 point typical gross. 169 4/8 net may go up a tad:D gotta wait and see that was taken this year from there 2nd week of rifle season and pics will never be seen:bounce::):)


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I'd put Washington up there, just most of the bruisers there aren't reporter in GON. Every time I go by the processor there, there are some pigs in the cooler.

After that I'd say Dooly, Worth, Fulton and Macon counties.
Cobb...but they all hide on Kennesaw Mtn National park so you don't see them till they get road killed!