tough fall, hopeful for better spring

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Well we had Hurricane Micheal hit us in September. I went without power for over a week and had a bunch to clean up around the yard. My house survived with just a small amount of roof damage. Sadly, the flash flooding from the strong storms that occurred this past Sunday brought 1/2 inch of water in my whole house.

We have been cleaning up, packing up, throwing away the past few days. Hope to get back into my house before spring. I will be vengeful towards the gobblers this spring
Hoping things go smoothly with getting your house back in order. Maybe once you get settled back in Mother Nature will calm down and be kind to you for a while.

I feel for the turkeys living in your spots. I see turkey feathers scattered like a hurricane this spring. Good luck with the house and the gobblers.
That hurricane and recent burning destroyed a lot of our property but the deer and turkeys are flourishing. Hope you get all your property fixed up and don't lose much. Sorry that happened to you! I think next spring is gonna be HOT.