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Sorry this is late this year I have been In Germany working with my Breed club for the last two weeks to become a judge for tracking events. I have updated this years list using the one listed in this months GON. I have to say I deleted more trackers this year than I added and that was a bunch. So if you were on here last year and got dropped due to not being in GON let me know and I will get you added back on.

Mistakes hunters make before calling in a tracking dog.
These are things that I have run into over the last few years. This is not an all inclusive list of mistakes as I am sure I will continue to see new things the more I track.

The most common mistake is that hunters walk down the middle of the blood trail. Then when they get to were the blood runs out they start walking all over the place. This transfers blood from their boots to places the deer did not go. When the dog gets there to track and gets to this point on the trail they have to spend a lot of time unraveling this false blood trail that is now laid out. There is not a good solution other than to try to be careful and walk to the side of the trail were possibly.

Mistake number 2 is that the hunter does not visually or physically mark where the deer was standing when they shot. This point can be very important to a tracker in that a lot of information can be gained by looking at the color of hair at the hit site along with any bone that might be there.

Mistake 3 is that they do not know who their neighbors are or how to get in contact with them in case the deer travels across property lines. In many states it is illegal to cross property lines without permission even to track a wounded deer. A solution is to go ahead and make arrangements with your neighbors ahead of time just in case. This will help when late at night you come to a property line and you are trying to find out who owns the property. You will be very disappointed when the tracker and his dog call it quits, so get permission ahead of time.

Mistake 4 is not being prepared for tracking at night. A pen light works fine for walking into the woods but when you need to see the minutest sign you need a very good bright light. Bring several good lights just in case your batteries die or a bulb blows.

Mistake 5, not marking their progress along the track to the point of loss. Marking the trail helps the tracker to see that their dog is following the right blood trail to the point of loss. If the blood trail is very light the handler may not see any blood as they will be watching their dog’s reaction. By marking the last spot of blood the handler will know that at that point there might be a lot of false trails, see mistake #1Mistake 6 pushing the deer. If the deer travels out of site after the shot give it 30 to 45 minutes. As soon as you start tracking and see that the animal may travel a great distance or that it is a poor shot back out and give it at least 4 hrs if the temperature will allow and you are not worried about coyotes. If there are signs of a gut shot wait 6 to 8 hrs before begining to track again. Most mortally wounded deer will try to lie down within 200-300 yards. But if pushed out of the bed can travel great distance before expiring .

Misconceptions about Tracking"

It’s been raining, so a dog won’t be useful." Actually, a light rain helps to hold the scent. Some dogs are even able to track after heavy rains.

“I’ve waited too long.” It is always better to call as soon as possible, but, if you can not get a tracking dog for 12 hours or more, don’t worry. A lot of people think that a dog is only good if the track is under a few hours old. However, a well-trained dog will be able to follow a scent trail 20 to even 40 hours old, even if other deer or wildlife has traveled the same trail. The meat may not be any good, if the weather is hot or the coyotes might have gotten to it, but, if you want to recover your trophy, do not be afraid to call in a quality tracking dog.

Another misconception is that "a tracking dog will always find” the animal. A tracking dog greatly increases your chances of finding a wounded animal, but it is by no means a guarantee. Many deer survive what hunters think to be a kill shot. But, let’s not forget … dogs can have bad days too, just like people do.

The art of working a tracking dog has come a long way from just turning out the best tracking deer dog to the highly specialized tracking dogs of today. Do not be afraid to contact a person from the tracking dog list ahead of time to ask questions. It might save you some time when you are in need of a tracker the most. Happy hunting to all and good luck to all the trackers during the next season.

There were a lot of trackers that were no longer listed this year in the GON magazine so I purged the list of trackers who were not listed I am sorry if this has caused anyone to miss calls.

I am try to keep this list current to better serve the members on Woody’s and the hunters of Ga. By listing these I am not recommending or endorsing anyone. Please read the below articles as there is a lot of good info for both hunter and tracker. If you are a tracker and want your info updated, corrected or added please send me a p.m. I have decided to keep this post locked so that we can keep it clean and quick to use. I will add info when need.

Bibb Co.
Mike Lopez (c) 630-240-6394
Willing to travel up to 3 hrs
No charge, but donations are appreciated to help defray expenses

Dwayne Collins (478) 230-0985
Matt Underwood (c) (478) 231-5872


Tim Goode (c) (770)550-0792
Terry Waid (c) 678.877.9463 also working s fulton

Chattahoochee Co.
Lyle Avis (C), (785) 307-2097

Cherokee County
Steven Daily (c) 678-964-0869

Cobb co.
Tyler Daily (c) 678-964-0869

Dillon Janelle (c) (706) 877-5919

Tom Sevek (c) 229-630-7273

Jody Pate (C) (229) 322-3459 or (229) 322-2118
Taylor Farrow 229-886-3212

Dade County
Brent Wilbanks

Kristopher King (c) 706-429-3739
Ben Gatch (c) 678-755-4628

Dekalb Co
Willie Johnson (c) 404-931-5311
Elbert Co
Jeff Andrews (c) 706-988-0725

Logan Duke 770-853-6887

Jerry Russell- Text "I need a blood dog" to 678-776-4502. Deer and bear specialist. We offer a flat rate of $80.00 for dispatch to: Monroe, Forsyth, Dawson, Hall and North Fulton. A fee of $20.00 is added once the animal is found. Tracking calls may be taken outside these counties when possible for an additional fee of 50 cents per mile. Member- United Blood Trackers.

Norm Fredrich 678-910-6676 Weekends only

Habersham County
Tommy Yarberry 678 313 3737

Ben Reddick 478-456-7791

Justin Strickland. 706-881-2432 Also working surrounding counties.
Harold Kowalsky 334-421-1811 Lives in Alabama but will track in counties along the state line.

Cody Fleming
706 371 5501 call or text.
Wayne White (c) 706-961-2297

Kevin Bowlden (c) 404-427-3985
Brian Crisp (c) 678-614-2216

Timmy Oller (c) (478)733-9017

Brinkley Turner (c) 912-592-3552
Eddy Turner (c) 229-457-2332

Jackson co.
Chip Hufsteler (c) 706-621-3060

Pat Cleveland (C) (706) 819-2127
(h) (706) 468-1315

Jeff Davis:
Burtis Taylor, (912) 375-5997 (c), (912) 253-4162
Also working surrounding counties.

Lowndes county
Kenny Mullins 850-838-6101. Tracking in Surrounding counties also.

Lumpkin Co.
Jay Massie (c) 770-731-7342

Chuck Cumber

Brian Sheppard (H), (706) 663-8076 (M), (706) 718-1690

Danny Allen (C) (478) 290-7995

Nicholas Skinner (c) 678-618-5162 Willing to Travel


Matt Wilkes (c) 404-569-4273 Will travel to all surrounding counties and further when available. No charge Donations appreciated.

Scott Lopez (c) 912-294-7369
No charge, but donations are appreciated to help defray expenses

Charlie Hunt (c) 770-344-8196

Frank Gordon (c) (478)918-7885

Rockdale Co.
Antonio Ingram 706-473-3561


Ken Parker-AKA Wildlands here on GON (C), (770) 468-5459 cell is always with me. Also tracking in Lamar, Pike, NW Meriwether, se Coweta, south Fayette. Willing to travel if work allows. United Blood Trackers Member

Sumter Co.
Richard McCorkle 229-815-8411

A.J. Niette (C), (706) 573-2345
United Blood Trackers Member

Mike Boyd (c) (912) 209-1048
Brian Walker 229-315-1948

Randy Vick (c), (229-224-1814) (h) (229-225-9901)
Also working surrounding counties.
United Blood Trackers Member

Heath Carmichael (C), (229) 402-3678
Toombs and surrounding counties

Marty Edge (C) (478)-299-2754.

Paul Minter (c) 912-424-3381

Steve Brown (C) (706) 975-5447

Walton Co.
Todd Brown 404-456-4846
Justin Bailey 678-618-0071

Washington County
London Young and cell is 478-357-9758

Wayne Co.
Gutt May 912-294-2255

Neal Smith (H), (478) 933-5743 (C), (478) 456-5301

For hunters in Alabama

Brent Wilbanks 256 605 4487. Text is better due to poor service. I live in Jackson county AL. I will track in surrounding counties including Dade co GA. No fee but donations for gas would not be refused.


For hunters in Florida


Kenny Morgan, (352)303-0703, Central Florida (I live in Sumter Co. Fl.)

Working north central Florida
Randy Vick (c), (229-224-1814) (h) (229-225-9901)

Kenny Mullins 850-838-6101. Tracking in Surrounding counties also.

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