Tracking Dog Recoveries (2018-2019)

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Here is a new thread for the current season. I have learned that I can not relocate posts from the previous threads. Please repost them if you wish them to be included here.
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Chuck Cumber does not post a lot of his recoveries here but he and his Lacy make a lot of them. He helped a friend who hunts with me locate this archery kill. Chuck is good. His dog is better but Chuck followed 5 hour old blood dropplet spatter on broom straw and such half way to the deer. We old geezers were not able to see the blood when it was fresh.

Thank you Chuck. It is good to know that you are close by. The blind squad will try to call more quickly next time.


Got a Blue Lacy this summer and named her Bonnie Blue. She will be 4 months old tomorrow. We put her on two tracks this weekend and she found both deer. Her first live track was Saturday night in a swamp bottom and she tracked the doe 150 yards. She never missed a step or backtracked. Her second live track was Sunday morning in a clearcut and she lost the track twice but was able to get back on the track successfully track the doe 125 yards. Pics of both deer attached. AJ Bagby (9) harvested the first doe and Lane Bagby (6) harvested the second doe. We've used dachshunds in the past and this is our first Lacy dog we are training for tracking.



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Sounds like ya got a goodn , she will amaze you before its all said n done. I'm no expert on blood dogs or lacys but when a cur pup starts and shines that early they are usually something special. Set her up for success and try not to burn her out before she makes a DOG !!!


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Just finally got around to posting this one from last weekend but long story short... My father shot a buck in an evening hunt and thought he hit him good. we tracked blood for about 200 yards into an overgrown clear cut and then it stopped. we searched for about 2 hours with no luck. my dad said it was a good one so we finally broke down and called the dog guy. Mickey Jarrard in Laurens county answered first time and was at our place in 30 mins. 10 mins later we were standing over dads deer. Needless to say we were fired up. this is dads first buck in a few years. He hasn't been hunting very hard the last few seasons due to health and just life in general. So for him to get a good buck opening day before it gets too cold for him to hunt was just awesome! Thanks Mickey. We have already referred you to a few other people we know. Hopefully we dont need you again anytime soon but if we do, we have a dang good dog guy now!



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A short track because the hunter did everything right. When they realized the deer was gut shot they backed out immediately. If they had attempted to track the deer then more than likely it would have been pushed off the property onto some where we would not have been able to go. Entry you see, exit is between the rear legs just in front of the Nads. As it was the deer was only about 400 yards from where it had been shot (archery).
Been a busy few days. some we got some we did not and some well lets say hunters perception and what we found were two different things. First is a 16 hr old short track and the second is a 5 hr old 2 mile track.