Trackrock Hammer-in

Another awesome event. Thx to Carl and everyone that has a hand in putting it together. Really good to see everyone again.
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Always enjoy seeing you and the family Rick - you got a great crew there (special to me!). Really getting to be a family thing for you guys. Your gonna have to build another forge and get another anvil if this keeps up.

Great to hear PP - chute em all Hootie! just get the fall dates on you calendar Oct 5&6. Also do a one-day mini HI at Crawfords Campground in Beaver Dam, NC around middle of August (date not set yet) if you're interested.
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Anvil Head

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Hot Off the presses.


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I think maybe it is. Hard to get a head count when all the bobble heads keep moving. Plus we have gotten scattered out a good bit with all the extra structure and facilities that Frank has added (makes it difficult to get a total picture).
There were still quite a few folks wandering around and some still forging while the pic was being made.
It was truly a large crowd all weekend.
Thanks, Always good to see you Dan. I promise I'm gonna make time for next tree rat season.
Special congrats to StripprrHunterr - just took one ticket and he got to go home with a custom knife. 1st timers luck?
I apologize to all of you that showed up that I didn't get to speak with, most of you could see never let up from first spark to last snuff out. Still soaking my feets, start unpacking today - Yuk!
Thanks, it truly was first timer's luck. That blade is awesome and will hold a place of honor in my collection in perpetuity.
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Glad you had a good time and hope you will come back. You get really interested in the bladesmithing game maybe we can trade some striper time for some forge time?!?!