Tractor recommendations

I only pulled it about 8 miles with my D2500 Dodge/Cummins. It wasn't a problem to pull, but stopping would raise the hair up on the back of your neck.

I am ordering the parts to put brakes on all 3 axles of that trailer. I found a place where I can get the parts for about $110 a wheel, and convert it to 6 lug wheels at the same time
Glenn, heck of a tractor for $30,000. I'd have to upgrade trailers for sure. My 5000 lb JD w/loader maxes it out.

I'd imagine a 1/2 ton truck isn't going to tow that setup....
I just looked at the owners manual. The tractor without the loader weighs 6302 lbs. The loader model doesn't give the weight of the loader. I need to go to the truck scales and weigh it.
I would put it at over 7000 lbs w/the loader.
when I get water in the tires, I would suspect it will go well over 8000
The mahindra sounds like its a good bit heavier that the 70 horse Kubota. I'd say by the time you add the loader weight, and load the tires you may be closer to 9000. I think I'm around 8300 or so. I think the mahindra tractor by itself is about a 1000lb heavier.

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Yes, that's a heavy machine. I purposely bought another JD tractor w/loader so I can leave it at the club and not have to take it back and forth. This summer I was pulling my tractor to the club, truck had a blowout and really messed up things. Not something I want to relive.

If I left a 70hp tractor at the club, someone would get a spare key and be using it as a bulldozer. haha.

Again, that's an Awesome tractor and heck of a deal!!!
As a farmer, I can say that John Deere in that price range will be the imported stuff that is overpriced and not JD you're thinking of. I personally won't let anything lower model than an M on my farm. We use Massey, and I paid less for my decked out 4710 cab deluxe than most pay for an E series Deere with half the HP. Kubota - not bad but light, and you're gonna need a heavy tractor for that work.

My order of preference would be: