Traditional Bows

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Hey yall! I have decided to get back into traditional archery this year, I never was much good but tried several years ago. My question is that I see a lot of guys shooting recurves in 3-D shoots. Are longbows allowed or do guys just prefer recurves? Does anyone have any advice on where I should start looking for rules? The only tournaments I know of are those listed on this site but I dont know where to find equipment rules for associations or anything. Thanks for any help and good luck in the woods this year!
Hey you can shoot traditional with your choice of bow. I would start out doing a fun shoot. That is were you can stand at the yardage you are comfortable with instead of the stake you are suppose to shoot at. River Bottom Outdoors can help you with anything you need Scott Parrott is the owner.
Yes. Depending on what organization you shoot, most are just Trad, Recurve, recurve unaided, modern longbow, longbow. Barebow is also another division in some organizations.
You can shoot which want teather bow to most everybody shoot recurve bow for speed just shoot off the shelf and you be ok in any place you want to shoot