Traditions Crackshot XBR

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Anyone see the Traditions Crackshot XBR announced this week at SHOT 2019. Most states are classifying it as a muzzleloader. It is similar to the Crossman Airbow, which uses pneumatic high pressure. However, the Crackshot uses a 27 caliber “Powerload” (a blank). Early documentation shows The Crackshot is able to fire an arrow with your choice of tip at 385fps, and has a lethal range of 70 yards. In the video the price-point is said to be under $500 and you get two calibers. A single shot 22 and another upper for the Arrow Rifle. In case someone wants to read more here are two links,

I am going to stick with my Matthews but for someone that has a bad shoulder or does not want to mess with cocking a crossbow this might be a good alternative.