Trail Cam "error"

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After putting out trail cams for weeks, I view "memory card error" at the top and "no images". I use SDHC 8 GB sand disk cards which are brand new. What am I doing wrong?


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You should always "format" a new card in the camera that it will be used in. Look thru the menu of the camera and you should find the key or command to format the card while it is in the camera. You can also format the card in your computer. Go to this link and follow the steps.,-flash-drive-or-device-using-a-pc

If after formatting the card you still get the error message, try a different card.

Good luck.

Of course you need to format the card. But also check to see if the slide switch on the side of the card has been slid to prevent the card to be readable only. You can also run a memory check chkdsk on your computer to make sure your card does not have any damage.