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Miguel Cervantes

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I've never put much stock in it. I have gotten the basic for just protection on the cost of the cruise we took two summers ago, just to cover what I paid for the trip in case something came up and we couldn't go. But I've never even given a second thought to the premium package.

I might have to rethink that based on my in laws recent experience. They booked a double cruise around Australia and then New Zealand. Three days into the first leg my pa-n-law got really sick. Apparently he had a mild case of walking pneumonia before leaving, but thought nothing of it. In Australia it became a severe case and nearly killed him. BP 60/40 and kidney functions dropping fast. After two weeks and a ton of tests they had him on IV antibiotics for days on end until he could be released for four days of oral antibiotics and 3 days of motel stay and walking around.

The Travel Insurance they got picked up the majority of this bill, which is gonna be huge, but it doesn't stop there. They want to make sure he gets home without any further complications so they get their flights home paid for (first class fare) and stretch limo service all of the way, plus a personal RN every minute of the way that not only monitors his condition but makes sure all arrangements and connections are met.

Hate that his trip was ruined and glad he's still with us. They'll finally make it home tomorrow, but all in all, this ain't a bad way to travel. Having to pay for all of this out of pocket would bankrupt most folks.

Something to consider next time you want to take a trip out of the US. It's certainly changed my perspective.



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Right there with you. I do the basic without really knowing what that even covers. I think most folks don't realize the insurance card expires at the boarder.


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One thing I've found from talking to others...don't get sick when you're traveling out of the country. Most who do get seriously ill don't make it back.


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Glad it turned out good! I will keep that in mind next trip. If it was up to me I wouldn't leave Ga.:)