Tree Stand suggestions??


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I've only seen one mention of a safety harness in this thread. For your families sake, where one when you climb. I like my old gunslinger. A bit heavy for a long hike but the most comfortable I've ever owned


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If u want to try a climber I recommend a summit viper.
Me too or any Summit climber for that matter.
They even have wider models
For big guys or those that just want a little
more room.

PS... The Wal-Mart "buddy" stands
are as good as any ladder stand.
They come 12 and 16 feet, with safety
harness and you can get ladder
sections to get higher if you want to.

All you need to add is black foam
pipe insulation for the shooting rail.
I have had several climbers. My current ones all have a shooting rail. I prefer to be enclosed. Use two pieces of rope to tie the bottom section to the top section so you can keep them close enough to reposition appropriately should one come loose and detach. Use the rope to keep the distance between the top and bottom sections of the stand within reaching distance for your feet while supporting yourweight on the rail.