Treestand footings in wet/marsh area

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Hi Folks,

I'm going to be building my treestand in just a few weeks. The problem I'm having is that I'm still trying to figure out how I am properly going to erect and set it on ground that isn't solid.

The stand is a platform stand that rests on the ground (as shown in the picture), so I don't have the option to anchor the posts into the ground. The landscape is the other issue I'm dealing with, as shown on the other picture view from my stand. Essentially, I hunt a woodline on a marsh. It's critical that I be as close to the marsh as possible because that's where I see most of the deer. Hence my dilemma of erecting this stand on ground that isn't necessarily dry, where most likely the two legs closest to the marsh will likely be on soupy ground and the back two should be on solid ground.

My plan was to rest each footing on 3 concrete blocks. The blocks are 4x8x16 (see link). I was going to lay two blocks side by side as the base, and lay the 3rd block in the middle in the opposite direction. I think the bigger issue will be leveling the blocks and making sure they don't move. Should I lay them on gravel or sand?

Oh, I forgot to add that this stand is an absolute hoss! It's 6x6 base platform using 2x8's as trusses. It will have framed in walls with a tin roof. I'm guessing the stand is probably pushing 600 lbs at least.

Just open to any thoughts or recommendation. Really appreciate it!



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Bagged concrete is your friend. If it was me, I'd dig out and pour a small footing for each leg to rest on.


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I would just run some lateral cross braces out of 2x4's parallel to the ground at ground level across all 4 sides. The surface area of the 2x4's should keep the stand from sinking.....


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Just estimating, but you are looking at around 500# before you put anything on the platform. Your problem is going to be that each leg probably want settle the same. The 2xs around the bottom would have to be added after you do some shoveling to level the platform.