Tricked Out ATVs

Its all good in da hood now. I loved my Brute but man I hated the maint. on it. Not to mention the way we ride its rod bearing and a crank a year.:huh::huh: I had to have me another grizz seein how I know them with my eyes closed. Im really thinkin about a +4mm stroker crank so she would be around a 727cc. :bounce::bounce: Yall gonna try and make Rocky Creek this weekend Fountain??


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apparently not. didnt know anything bout it. man i am out of the loop something serious! i gotta start looking on hl a litte more!

man what yall do to the brutes. i never saw many have major problems with them and they get abused something fierce. the only motor trouble was when one got pulled out of a pit backwards filling the muffler and eventually the motor full of crap. after a trip to randy all was good. selling my brute was a huge mistake. if i could do it all over.....


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holler at me in advance swamp star. check out sweet onion bogging. it seems to be a good event.

gonna be down a little. went to get gas today in the rzr and got home to a weird smell and noticed oil on the muffler. long story...air box is slap full of iol and it is mixing with the gas somehow. so i guess the motor is bout toast now.
here is a some of my old bikes i only have my ranger right now.

04.5 700 efi

05 king quad 700efi

04 600 (race bike) 10" lift on 29.5's

06 800 6" lift on 29.5's

05 500m (race bike)

05 kfx700 v-force

06 650v2

06 ranger on 30's
My Cat I finally got put back together. It had been down since september the east coast nats got it. Here is it with 2.5" Mudtech lift, High Lifter springs, and a whole lotta other work.

I will get some better pics when the old lady gets home with the camera.

here's my 2008 800 polaris. been a good machine. on 32" silverbacks in the pic, now got 31x11 outlaws all the way around.

here's my other ride. my water rider 2008 Yamaha Big Bear 400 on 29.5" Outlaws and some other things on it


Trying to post a pick of a Tricked out Ranger that belongs to Scott Smith owner of Highlifter out of Shreveport La. at East Coast Mud Nationals at Creek Bottom trail rides in Doles, Ga last Sept.HL RANGER
This was at the 1st East Coast Nationals and the 2nd East Coast Nationals is the 2nd weekend in October of this year.
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