Troubleshooting Garmin bail mount.

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I am having issues with my garmin 73 sv. But I think it's the bail mount. I don't have a ohm meter. But I have a cheap little test light. The power cable has 1 female port hot. The other 3 nothing. When I remove my head unit, there is a 24 pin connector. I can't get that test light to light up on any of the female ports. I'm not sure which one of the 24 pins should have power. And I can't find a schematic on line.
If anyone has any info please help. I'm tempted to spend 30.00 on eBay on a replacement. But right now I'm not sure if it's the head unit or the bail mount.
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I have ordered a new bail mount. I hope that's the issue. I don't particularly like the unit being 2 pieces.

One time I assume the two wasn't seated together. I got very lucky when it popped out while at full throttle on a windy day. It popped out and almost went into the lake.
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Well that's not encouraging at all.So then how does it get power to the unit?
The bail mount has the pins in it that attaches to the back of the unit.
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So I am assuming the picture is misleading on and even ebay. Yes I bought it used like 6 months ago. When looking for the assembly that the head unit sets in I guess I've ordered nothing but the bracket .