Trough feeders

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Got my feeder put out yesterday, fixing to start feeding protein and see how it goes. What’s everyone’s favorite thing to put in there feeders ?

Mark K

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Well, if your deer aren’t used to the feeder in that area or never used one, I’d start out with corn scattered around the feeder and some in it to get them used to it.
After that mix corn with whatever protein you decide on and eventually switch to all protein.


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Eventually even older age class bucks will use it. Try to keep your scent off of it. I wear rubber gloves when I fill mine & change SD card in the camera near the feeder.


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4-s feed. Put some on the ground around the feeder until they get use to eating out of the feeder. It did not take very long at all for us and they where eating from the feeder.


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we have had good luck with the protein powder versus the pellets in our trough feeders. The coons and squirrels will go after the pellets but won't really touch the powder. The deer don't seem to care.
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10-4, thank yall for the advice. I think i'm going to go with Antler Extreme, I've compared tags with other leading brands of protein yesterday and his food is legit. Awesome product and good price also. I have corn in my feeder now and also spread some on the ground to draw them to it. Hopefully it wont take them too long to get used to it.
I wont recommend any particular brand but I will say attention to the minerals that are in the feed you select, specifically phosphorus and calcium.Most all of the commercially available feed contains plenty of protein.