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I killed a 10pt at the end of Oct.he was by himself.Seen a big 6pt at the 1st of Nov.Heard 1 buck grunting and chasing a doe on Nov.3rd.
Had several does and buttonheads in food plot last sun.evening.Had a big deer come out in the edge of the food plot with the does at 6:15pm.He was a 130 class buck- 9pt. Shot at and missed .All of our acorns are on the ground now.
I believe most of our rut activity took place last week with the full moon.
Theres 3 of us that hunt the property and nobody has seen any serious buck doe chasing going on.
The 10pt had a 26"neck and his hocks were dark and smelly.He was a cull buck 110 class 3.5 year old and no tine length.Seen this buck last year.He was a 8pt and no tine length.Thats why i past on him ,to let him grow.
Hope to see some rut activity this week. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!