Troup County Hunting Club seeks 3-5 members. 1300 acres. $1500 Dues.

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Troup County Hunting Club seeks 3-5 members. 1300 acres, $1500 Dues.
We just added 300 more acres. We are looking for quality hunters only. Maximum 16 members.

We have a camp area with power, well water, enclosed pavilion with kitchen, T.V and a skinning shed. Some camper sites will be available, first come, first served. The property has several food plots and a beaver pond with some ducks and geese. We only hunt bucks that are mature. Our harvest last year included two 140” class bucks . We have plenty of deer, turkey and small game. No hogs.

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Details: Please read this as many of your questions will be answered.
We are currently seeking members who like to hunt, camp, can follow rules, get along, like to cook out and watch an occasional football game and can contribute positively to the club. We have a good mix of members with several from metro-Atlanta and some locals.

Paying members get two designated and exclusive areas to hunt. No guest hunting but children or grandchildren, age 17 and under, of a paying member may hunt with the member. Their buck counts toward the member’s two buck limit. Occasional harvest of does for the freezer or for child/grandchild hunts is encouraged. Family members are welcome in the camp area. Again, we only hunt mature bucks. You must be prepared to let a lot of young bucks walk. We are not a brown and down club. All members are subject to fines for shooting young bucks.

We have lots of turkeys. No turkey only memberships. Children or grandchildren, 17 and under, of a paying member may hunt with the member. Their bird counts toward the member’s three bird limit. The property is generally open during turkey season but we do ask that you coordinate with other members if you plan to hunt outside your designated areas, just to avoid conflicts. Duck hunting and small game hunting is allowed after deer season ends.

If you have read the above, are interested or have questions, please send us an email with your name, city and phone number to: One of our recruitment members will give you a call. Thank you for your interest.