Tubb's Final Finish honing ammunition

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Has anyone used the Tubb's Final Finish honing ammunition to break in their gun?
Cabela's had many great reviews about breaking in new guns and improving on used guns accuracy.
One box is supposed to remove any machining inperfections and eliminate shooting 50 to 60 rounds before siting in your gun.


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opinions and results very quite a bit on any of the finish honing bullets.

would I use them on a quality aftermarket barrel NO never

I have used them(made my own with 600 grit sc) on used stock barrels with good results.. I only use the finer grits.

they will clean up and lengthen your throat area and polish the lands of your rifling a bit.

seen the results through a bore scope

this process is much like barrel break in. some believe in it, others don't. I don't use them on new barrels.

just my experience


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Would not bother on a hunting rifle, you can always just buy JB bore Paste and run a few patches thru instead - its a real fine polishing compound.

Make sure you clean it all out before shooting.
Supposedly, JB Bore Paste is only for cleaning. It works on carbon, plastic, copper and lead, but does nothing to or for the steel barrel.

I have used the Tubb bullets made for reloaders. There are 50 bullets to the box, 10 each in 5 levels of polishing compound. I used them in a Ruger No. 1 in 270 caliber and it cut my groups in half. They went from about 2.5” to 1.25”. It is a chore to clean the barrel thoroughly after each set of 10 rounds, but it gets the job done. You have to start with a super clean barrel, also. You can feel the difference with the cleaning patches as you progress.

I’ve seen it used with the same or better results with an AR in .223. I was so impressed that I bought 6 more boxes for my other calibers, but I haven’t used them yet.

There is a paste for coating your own bullets, much cheaper than Tubbs. It just has three grades of grit (220, 320 and 600). I’m planning to give it a try in a .22 remfire rifle.


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Supposedly, JB Bore Paste is only for cleaning. It works on carbon, plastic, copper and lead, but does nothing to or for the steel barrel.
JB is a fine polishing compound - it will take off microscopic high spots from the bbl. Test it on a scrap piece with a Felt Dremel tool.


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you will be there a while trying to use JB to polish the bore or throat...

a cleaning rod and patches are not a dremel.. the best bet is to try these


Fred Muggs is referring to the wheeler kit . It uses two steel plates to embed the compound into the bullets of your choice.. (roll the bullet between the two plates covered in the compound of your choice). This is my method although I don't use the kit.

just load on the low end of the reloading chart for whatever bullet you use.


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I have used it on a couple of barrels. It didn't improve accuracy on either, but it did make cleaning them much easier (which is what I was going for).

If you have a rough barrel, it will definately clean it up.
I used them in my '73 Ruger M77 270 Win to try and alleviate a copper fouling problem. BIG MISTAKE! Granted it's easier to clean but it made my sub moa near tack driver into a 2-3 moa scatter gun.