Turkey chokes

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Looking into getting Dad a turkey choke for Christmas...what choke do yall think is the best and what choke do yall recommend within a 60 or so dollar price range?

J Gilbert

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You really can't go wrong with any of the more popular ones, those being Indian Creek, Pure Gold, and the Primos Jellyhead series. They're all around your price range and give good results

Brad C.

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It's hard to beat an Indian Creek BDS choke. I can tell you I have 2 Indian Creek chokes for my 870, and I would hate to pick which one shot the best. Both throw some of the tightest, most consistent patterns you could want for turkey hunting. Stuart and Mike at Indian Creek have done their homework. I honestly think they are probably the best chokes on the market today.

Brad C.

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Also if you can find a Mad Super Max .675 for the Remington guns which in fact was made by Indian Creek you will be hard pressed to find another choke that will out shoot it. That's the other Indian Creek choke I mentioned. You might want to read this. That probably is my best shooting choke that I have shot.



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Check the recent Cabela's and Pure Gold choke sale thread.


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Finally figured out your avatar is a choke tube....... looked at it a couple times wondering what it was.

some nice chokes you build with some good results to show fer it..

I'm shooting the 670 Puregolds in my 'nelli's, Kicks GT 680 throws a awesome pattern in my BPS's with hevishot, but looking at the results Brad has with the 675 Mad Max that would be hard to beat, like that pattern.

Let's get WFL to send us some chokes and get him some "real world" results................

WFL, you want to compare your tubes to the rest of the market????

PM me for my address......... I shoot Nitro ammo and won't be changing that- so build my tubes accordingly. I shoot a M2 Benelli, an 870 and an old BPS.........invector.