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I plan on hunt'n turkey with just my bow, anyone else ?
I am also confused about something I read.
Can you hunt hogs while turkey hunting ? The game management rules seem to be conflicting with one another. At least that's the way I read them, can we hunt hogs too ? Dang, would'nt that be way too cool !!!
Anyone know about this, is it true ???


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I was just thinking yesterday about trying for a turkey bird with my bow this year.


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It is my understanding of the regs that you can hunt hogs during turkey season but only with those weapons/rounds that are legal for turkey.
My son plans on taking his bow. I told him that just as he gets ready to draw on a bird that is about 20 yards from him, I'm going to let him have it with the ol scatter gun.:bounce:

He told me I was a bad father.:biggrin2:
I will be hunting turkeys strickly with the longbow this year. I tried last year but was unsuccesful but it was my first time ever turkey hunting and you might say I had no idea how to use a diaphram call. I was probably scaring every turkey in the county away. LOL

I am hoping with My ASAT 3d suit, someone who is gonna call for me (you reading this Major, LOL) and a little more turkey knowledge it will be a better year.
I'm trying birds with bow for the first time this year. I bought some of those spring-things that go behind your broadhead to keep it from passin' thu a bird... but my dad went and entered us a contest on another thread, so if it gets mid-season with no birds, I'm goin' back to the shotgun!

Anyone one got any good advice of a place near Gwinnett? I'm gonna try Allen Creek this weekend, but I've heard mixed reviews on it's turkey populations. Dang, I gotta move some where with more critters and less subdivisions!
The best way to kill a Turkey with a stickbow or any thing for that matter is to know where they are before season, have you a few gobblers in different areas located far from easy access, if you have a boat the wma`s on rivers are good and get yourself a pop up blind. I have killed birds with out one but you will start hating Turkeys after a while. I killed one at ten steps yesterday with my recurve if I can figure out how to do pics from a disc I`ll post`em for ya`ll. I was in my brickhouse blind and shot him through the net at ten steps and he folded right on the spot. Ten inch beard and 1.25 hooks.Drilled him with a muzzy phantom.Sweeeeeeet.RC


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Way to go Robert. I bet you were smilin all day!