Turning a Remington "jam master" into a true Woodsmaster

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So my wifes dad gave her her first deer rifle. It's a 1978 Remington 742 "Woodsmaster" in .30-06. It was only fired 4 times and came with the original 2 boxes of ammo bought with it with the 4 rounds missing. I'm a machiist and have been gunsmithing for nearly 20 years, so I have dealt with many Many of these rifles. The majority of their problems came from poor maintence, so it was nice to get ahold of one that is in pretty much new condition. We decided to take it one step further before it goes out for its first season Ever.
Here's what I've done:
-squared the muzzle
-cut a recessed 11 degree crown
-threaded 5/8-24
- machined a muzzle brake from 17-4 stainless and flame colored
-machined an extended length scope base
-drilled and tapped the receiver for over-sized mounting screws
-polished the guide rod and bead blasted the spring
-hand lapped the bolt and receiver with 1200 grit clover compound
-squared the bolt face to the breech and lapped the locking lugs to the chamber lugs
-lapped the action bars to the receiver

Next is a trigger job and then its down to accessories. Hope you enjoy the pics! 20180702_131457.jpg 20180702_151402.jpg 20180703_103156.jpg 20180703_103054.jpg 20180613_202659.jpg 20180703_133423.jpg 20180702_103603.jpg received_2028852307137555.jpeg