Twiggs Co hunting club

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We are taking new members and dues ate 400.00
It is almost 1100 acers next to wma with deer, hogs and turckey and a few bears. It has a creek and beaver ponds.
It has been cut around the bootom but still has 900 ares of woods . If interested Pl We are looking @around 30 members to keep cost low, this a first come first serve pin location.

we are full finally thanks to all who came out to join
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This is some good looking land. I went down and checked it out. Its got easy access and good roads and lots of deer sign. I'm familar with some of the clubs on Albert Jenkins Road on the 1.5 mile drive in you pass by before you turn off into this land. I'm sure they're a lot more expensive than this. I just joined and I'm very pleased to become a member.

I don't want to speak for Joey, the club president, but I do know that the money for current members was due a week or so ago. Best thing to do is call Joey Betsill @770-228-3984, as instructed in the first email. Same answer goes for showing the property, you need to call Joey. He'll know when he or the Vice President will be there. As an alternative, you could PM the VP from the first post and ask him.
I am a member of this club. We have deer, bear, turkey, hogs,and probably any kind of varmit you can think of. There is a great camping area,that is used almost every weekend. Yes , we are trying to get 30 members just to keep the dues down, but all of last year I probably never saw more than 10 to 12 people on any day. There's plenty of room and great access to anywhere on the club. A four wheeler is a great help but it is not a must. We just like to hunt and have a good time. I live in Macon, If you want to call me I'll be glad to try to answer any questions . My Name is James and my cell is 404-934-9855. Or you can call Joey or Brian They are Great guys to deal with.
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Just joined the club also. Very nice people running it. Those of you in middle Georgia that want a place close to home that you can get to easily then this is it. I hear they have a few more openings. Give Joey a call and check it out.