Two questions?


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I think they are both mature , first one may be a year or two older , I also think I'd be happy to see either , good luck !


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Thanks for the reply, Antharper, the first one we call Bobtail because he only has half of a tail! He was a small 8 pt last year and blossomed this year! So we know he is at least 3 years old! The 8 pt just showed up this week! So it will be interesting to see who is more dominant!

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Excellent deer!

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Gt40, I believe that is a D-333 Moultrie! That camera is about 4 years old! My brother bought around 3 of them back then and had trouble with all of them except this one! It has not missed a beat! Hopefully I didn't just jinx it!
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Finally got Ole Bobtail crossing a food plot, what do y'all think, my brother and I are thinking 3/3.5? Still looks somewhat young??? Any thoughts would be appreciated!