Uncomfortable/Unsafe Situations You've had?

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Just looked at the haunted house thread and got to thinking. Im one to not believe in ghost/spirits, but have had times where I felt uneasy and not safe. What are some times you felt this way (downtown encounters, break ins, personal encounters)?

My grandfather has many rental homes and while working as a carpenter for him, I would recieve job calls to fix broken things. He would often purchase foreclosed homes from the city and I would be sent out to inspect these homes. Since I was under 21 and without a carrying permit, I would be in some parts of town I would consider unsafe alone. When repairing vaccant homes for rent and checking out old homes he purchased, I learned over the years to always have some type of "weapon". I would typically carry a 22 oz framing hammer or a very large wrench (30mm +). I had one encounter that really scared the mess out of me described as a "flight or fight" situation. I was inspecting a house my grandfather just purchased to see find any structural problems to bring his construction crew over to fix. I checked each room in my walk through and found a bedroom that seemed like someone lived there. I saw a closet door and opened the door like I have done hundreds of times. I'll be darn if I didn't open the door to find a sleeping man! Im use to roaches coming out etc.., but this time I had a 30+ year old man running at me. By the time I moved out of the way and had the hammer cocked back to knock the mess out of him in my deffense (he charged at me), he slung the bedroom window open and jumped out before my brain could process the situation. I will more than likely never be as frightened as I was then in my lifetime.

So, what are some encounters you have had like this that had your heart racing?:hair:


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I had an older gent get out of his truck in the middle of traffic one day and come back at me with an axe, when he saw the business end of my 40 he thought twice. still get chills from that one.


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I felt uneasy and unsafe the first time I visted the inlaws. It was just creepy and I thought I wasn't going to make it out alive.
Found what appeared to be a "body" in the ditch in front of my house one night. At first glance, it looked like someone just threw some clothes in the ditch, but when I got closer, the clothes moved, and I bout came out of my skin. It was drunk.
I was jumped in Athens for my wallet by two young teens with a pocket knife that led to a brawl.

Wife was mugged in Columbus in the mid-90's.

Also my in-laws and myself were escorted off by gunpoint of a muzzleloader by an idiot club president who didn't like the fact my father-in-law was hunting 30 yards from their line even though he was on the WMA facing towards the WMA.


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Does getting held up by a bunch of masked gunmen count?

Nothing like the feel of a shotgun barrel in your back to make you appreciate the little things in life.


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I had a climber break on me one time.
Was hunting across the street from a state park. The gate was open so i wheeled over on my atv to shut the gate for them. I saw 2 guys laying on the ground taking a nap. It was 35 degrees. I put a few feet between me and them to notice they were shot up and dead. After 2 hours of police interview i went home.
Gangland shot and dumped on the side of the road. If the killer had driven a few more yards and dumped in the woods, chances are nobody would ever have found them.


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Had somebody try and kick my front door in one morning around 3 am ,grabbed the shot gun with 00 bucks went out the back door and around the house with cold chills running up my spine and heart about to beat out my chest when I came around the front corner of the house there was a car sideways going across my front yard it took me over an hour to calm down after that and I’m just glad they left before I came around the corner of the house because I was going to shoot somebody to protect my family. That happen early Saturday morning. The following night about the same time in the morning I had a drunk knock on my door with car in drive way with another person in it, this time I grabbed my 45 went out the back door around the house and walked up behind the guy and ask if there was something I could help him with and he ask for direction to the nearest gas station stated he was running out of gas so I pointed him in the right direction with the end of the 45.Talked about a freaky weekend. If I had it to do over again and I hope I I will never go outside my house in that situation just wait on the other side of the door. And yes the local Sheriffs Department was contacted and no suspect's found:mad:
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My SO, a friend, and I were down in Little Five Points walking around one evening. Friend stopped to talk to someone about something and there was a larger african american fellow working on his tin can. My SO at the time was interested in systems and head units and saw the guys flashing and looked through the window at it..
He was about 2 feet from the car and just leaned over for a better look when this guy jumped up from the ground got in his face touching nose to nose and was saying things like
'You sure you wanna do that white boy? Ill whoop up on you, your friend, and that little girl right there!'
Some other guys started gathering around when friend (thank goodness he doesnt trust ATL folk) pulls out a crowbar and says he better back off.
That guy got real angry at that point. He says 'Oh whiteboy got game' or something around that then goes on to say hes got his gun and a round for each of us in his glovebox.

By that point I turned and left dragging my SO behind me and friend followed.

I just dont like Atlanta
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Wow, I thought mine was bad, but when theres guns being pointed at you that changes the entire situation. There are some idiots out there! 2nd Amendment is the best thing since sliced bread.


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My last month in Iraq. Walked back from chow, had a 240mm rocket hit 10 feet from where I had just passed 1 minute before, where was a lottery ticket when you need one;). Got to love the IDF:flag:



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Had a gal pick me up in a bar back in the 80's and we went back to her place, Was woke up later by the sound of a pump shotgun being "racked" and pointed in my face. Seems that it slipped this girl's mind to inform me that she was married. Kind of like the Lynyrd Skynyrd song Give me three steps.


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Being shot at was a tad bit uncomfortable, not to mention really unsafe.
my neighbor was just in the news..he's an electrician, went on a call in College Park, walked into house and had 4 or so guns in his face. was robbed then shot in the leg. Laying there in a pool of blood electrician #2 pulls up, notices electrician #1 truck being searched, walks in and has 3 or 4 guns pointed in his face from around 4-6 ft. He instantly quick draws out of his coat pocket and shoots 1, wounds one and the others fled. He saved my neighbors life, who otherwise would of bled to death or been murdered laying there.
Back in the 80's when I was a long distance trucker, I was making a run across I-64, when I heard someone on the CB radio calling for help. It was early afternoon as I strained to hear what was going on, and kept hearing a man asking for someone to use a telephone to phone the state troopers and authorities. I turned my linear amp on and answered the man and asked what was going on. As he tried to tell me I noticed that his signal was getting a bit stronger. I told him that I was a few miles from a rest area and would stop to use a pay phone to call the authorities. He simply said that there was a need for the law authorities, but I couldn't make out the rest. I wound up my Kenworth and made it to the rest area quickly, which turned out to be just a parking area with no services. I noticed that there was an older cabover Freightliner sitting in the middle of the parking area with a lot of folks around it, and as I was coming near I was flagged next to it by a guy.

It turned out that he was the guy who had been asking for help on the CB, and that the Freightliner had a man inside that they couldn't awake. I pulled next to the other rig and used my linear to radio ahead to someone else who did find a phone to call the authorities. Afterward while waiting I spoke with the guy who told me that he was a state employee who worked with the guys mowing the grass alongside the highway. He said that they had been there 3 days earlier and had seen the same rig sitting with its engine idling, and when he had come back that day and seen it again he had a bad feeling. I laid down on my air horns to appease him and others, who were hoping that he was just asleep, but I knew better. Anyway, I got out and started to climb up on the front bumper and look into the windshield when the state worker guy stopped me and said "don't get up there, he's got a pistol laying on his chest". I climbed up anyway and could tell from how he lay there that he was dead, with partially opened eyes and mouth. His wallet, change and other items were placed on top of the engine cover in front of him, with the change neatly in stacks. His boots were side by side on the engine cover.

Being a long haul trucker you run into some of the same drivers from time to time in different places and sides of the country, and I knew that I had seen this guy before, or perhaps in a truck stop somewhere before but couldn't place where. Well, finally a state trooper arrived and we let him know what was up. He strutted up to the passenger door and yanked it right open, as it was unlocked, and climbed up into the cab. After a minute or 2 he climbed back down and said that the guy had been shot in the chest. He asked who we all were, how we came to be there, and took down all of our information & addresses and such before he finally allowed us all to leave and go on our way. I have no idea if they ever found out what had happened or who had been involved but I always thought that perhaps a hooker had been involved somehow. He was laid out with his shirt partially unbuttoned and it looked (at least to what I saw) like the pistol had been laid in his hand. I am by no means an expert on forensics or anything like this but I just got a gut feeling that this guy did not off himself. From the way he was lying in the sleeper and the way his belongings were laid out, as well as both of the doors being left unlocked, things just looked too screwy. It just looked 'too staged' for a lack of better words. And the parking areas (at least during that period of time) were known everywhere to be places that prostitutes would frequent and meet their 'customers', or use their cb's to try to arrange other customers to come in and meet them. And this one couldn't have been in a more deserted area, with nothing around for miles. If any of you have ever driven down an interstate highway listening to a cb radio, and have heard a womans voice asking if anyone needs 'any commercial company', you'll know what this means now.
I couldn't sleep for 3 nights as I kept seeing this guys face everytime I closed my eyes, and I still remember the song that was playing on the radio. Even now when I hear Steely Dans "Reeling in the Years", I can see that guys face. I know that my wife and kids hate it when that song comes on, 'cause they know that I'm gonna start telling them yet again. Y'all excuse me for such a lengthy story but that's mine. May God bless you all.


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Had a few scary situations in 48 years, had several "Democrats" attempt to rob me while delivering papers, thankfully Pops always made me tote his pistol, I popped a round off in the air and they broke camp. I was 16 and a lot smaller than now.

Got shelled by our own mortar platoon while on a live fire range at NTC, my vehicle had 5 nice big holes in it, and all our gear was ruined.

But the one that stands out in my mind the most was when me and my dad were pulling some dead trees out of the pond. Middle of the summer and I was wading out to hook the chain to the trees. Stepped off into the pond and waded through some tall grass at the edge, and came face to face with a 6 foot cotton-mouth. I started stumbling backwards and he came after me.
I still ain't sure how I got out of that pond, but my next memory was standing on the bank shaking.
Was 35-40 feet high and shot a hole in the side rail of my climber last November. For the story, search for "Attention Climber Users."

Had a 16' ladder stand pull away from the tree while putting it up one time.

Had a Tree Lounge slip about a foot several times about 2 seasons ago. Went back to my old climbers and sold the TL.

Had several road rage incidents over the years. Once, I was unarmed, and twice I thought I might have to shoot the other person.

Had someone come into our deer camp at night twice while we were in bed.

Had coyotes follow me out of the woods one night 2 years ago. Disappeared when I flipped on the light.

Rode out several severe storms in a pop-up camper over the years. Probably should have gotten up and went to the truck, but didn't want to get wet.