Unicoi Outfitters Fall Kickoff


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Let's talk fly lines...

The fact that both Raz Reid (RIO) and Ben Austin (SA/Orvis) will both be at this event gives everyone a chance to talk about fly lines. In the past 10yrs, the BIGGEST improvements made in our industry regarding tackle/equipment has got to be how much better our fly lines have gotten. Are they more expensive? Positively! But technology has allowed us to cast ****her and easier due to these new lines. Both of these guys know a ton about the mojo that goes into making fly lines the single most important factor in helping you catch more fish; from trout to tarpon. Don't miss out on this opportunity to discuss anything you want to know about fly lines with these two guys!

Unicoi Outfitters in the morning, Dove hunt in the afternoon!

Got my Saturday planned!

There will be some serious fly-fishing folks at Unicoi on Saturday!

Raz Reid has been the Sage/Rio/Redington Southeastern representative since the early 90's after retiring as as professional tennis player and is married to the former Australian Open female champion!

I think he still holds the world's record for bluefin tuna on the fly. I love this guy!!!!