Union co. Bear

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I went up on the mountain Saturday morning. Made the hike up to my spot at daylight. I sat and pondered for a minute or two about where to sit. I usually go to where this particular logging road ends and walk up the ridge about 60 yards. I decided to sit one little ridge before that spot. Right when I sat down I heard a bear running off the top of the mountain. I ran to the top of the ridge and saw the bear as he crossed over the ridge to my south about 300 yards away. I went back to where I was sitting and got my stuff and decided to move to my usual spot because that bear would have run about 50 yards from me there. As I got to where I usually sit a doe saw me and hopped off about 20 yards. I sat down and watched as she eased on over the ridge where the bear had gone. About 20 minutes later I see two more deer about 200 yards off. They make their way to me and get about 20 yards from me. Turns out they are 2 spikes. They stayed right next to me for about 30 minutes. All the sudden they both start staring down the ridge and sure enough there is that bear. The bear made his way back to me. First he is out at 300 yards or so, then 200, then 100. I text my hunting buddy and asked if he was in the mood to drag. He said "OF COURSE" . I text him back and told him to cover his ears haha. The bear moved to about 70 yards and offered me a broadside shot. One shot and he was down. Male bear about 170 lbs. Turned out to be another great day on the mountain! Again, Im an idiot when it comes to pictures. If some one wants to post them pm me your number and Ill text them to you and you can post.
Awesome job man! I pulled the trigger on a Union County bear about that same size yesterday morning. I was hunting with my ML, and the bear was at about 25 yards. Cake shot. Pulled the trigger and.....pop! No BOOM. Bad primer. First ML misfire I have ever had. You have never seen a long face such as the one I was wearing the rest of the day!!!

I'm glad somebody out there had some luck! Awesome work man!
Way to go!