UPDATE: 3,000 Acres KY (Butler Co.), 3 openings

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Well, we've had one guy back out and one person has not paid yet. So there are two openings again for this season. This includes spring Turkey and access to the cabin. As far as I know, no bucks have been killed yet this season.

Below is a link to the latest complete thread for the lease.

Price is $2,000, includes the use of the cabin.

Please call Eric at 615-812-8657 if interested.

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I cant do anything this year, but I would be good for next year. If you could keep me in mind for 2017 season. You can text me at 706-424-3987 (John)
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2 Spots available, 2017-18 Season

This lease has 2 openings for this year. I know, close to season opener. I believe Eric has contacted everyone from the compiled list of interest from last year.

If interested, please contact Eric at the number listed.

(For photos and more info, see link provided above)
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I have sporadic access to this site, and none over the weekend. If you're interested in more information, joining, or seeing the property, especially on weekends, please call/text Eric: 615-812-8657