Updated: Barbara Bush has passed away

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She was a respectable first lady.
Thanks for following the forum rules and posting pictures of the women we are discussing.

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I can't find find enjoyment in the impending death of a 90-something year old woman, no matter who it is.
Sorry, the day Hillary is on her death bed, I'll throw a party!:biggrin2:

And I hope for America, she never makes it to 90!


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You sure you aren’t confusing Barbara with Laura? Now she was a classy lady, still is!
No confusion.


Laura Welch Bush just happened to be
knock-out gorgeous too.. ;)
I think Barbara would have made a better president than her husband. I always had some respect for her.
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She's passed away. Comfort care for 1 day?


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1 more day at home with family... May God be with them during this time.

And some out the comments here are nothing but disgraceful, I don't care which side of the political fence you stand on. Perhaps the problem is that some folks weren't taken to the wood shed growing up. Absolutely NO respect.
She's passed away. Comfort care for 1 day?
She enjoyed a slash of Kentucky Windage before she passed. I raise my 3 fingers of Knob Creek 100 proof in salute to her and all of America's "Greatest Generation". Some day you recalcitrant haters will miss her and everybody in her generation. I already do. I'm a "Boomer" and my generation and every generation after mine is a mere shadow of them. They were the real thing.