Upland training Columbus, GA area

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I will be picking up a boykin pup in a few weeks. I had a blast training my lab to become a very capable retriever. I desire to get into to upland training game with the boykin as a new challenge. I plan to join a boykin club, but would love to do some local training. Any people from the Columbus area know of any good areas to work/train dogs for upland? After deer season do they allow working dogs on WMA property (dove fields)?
Not local to the Columbus area, but I too have a Boykin and train him for upland on public land. A quick internet search should show you the WMA’s with “bird dog training areas”. I train on penholoway WMA down here toward Brunswick. The “bird dog training area” is just the dove fields, and you can shoot pen raised quail with 6 shot or smaller year round I believe as long as you retain proof of purchase of the quail. Not sure if there are any WMA’s with bird dog training areas near you but you should be able to find a list online pretty easily.