upland/versatile dog training books

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Anyone have any recommendations for dog training books? Some obedience, but mainly focusing on upland and versatile gun dogs. Thanks in advance.
I second anything by Richard Wolters. His stuff was and is really entertaining to read. He seemed like a good soul. My buddy used his books for his Lab. That dog picked it up quick. My buddy had both Gun Dog, Game Dog, and Water Dog. Those books are 50 years old and they still work for dogs and are great reading. I don't even have any sporting breed dogs and I enjoyed them.


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I need to get that one
Training the Versatile Hunting Dog by Chuck Johnson. Training is told in the form of stories sometimes.

Really takes the strategy of harnessing the dogs natural abilities. Not as step by step as the Wolters stuff, but I think it is great supplemental reading.

Another +1 on what patcavscout said. I know plenty of people that have trained even non-sporting dogs with Wolters' books because the guy just flat out knows dogs.