Upson County

Still a little eary

Spent Thursday afternoon, all day Friday and Saturday morning in the woods in SW Upson - near Pobiddy Road area. Covered up with doe on Friday, all day, but no signs of chasing yet. saturady was a water haul - saw no movement - full moon seemed to have them feeding all niht, but tried early anyway. sat from 730am until 1245pm and nada. The woods are riddled with scrapes and rubs and white oak acorns the size of walnuts are raining everywhere. Too darn hot, though. Mosquitoes drained me. Needed a transfusion when I got home :) It will be this upcoming weekend, I predict or earl next week. Going down again after Cold front moves through late this week. Did see one wide rack buck at first light, but no shot. Heading back to his bed, no doubt.
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Upson rut

I came down Sunday evening and hunted yesterday and didn't see anything. I will be here all week and will do my best to post what I'm seeing. Hoping the collet weather and rain will get something started by the end of the week.
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Been a slow week so far hoping the rain and cooler weather is going to get the deer moving. We did have one of our members kill a nice 10pt on the evening of the 7th not chasing just cruzing.


...just joking, seriously.
I am not far and near the covered bridge.
I usually count on Christmas week and the first week of January.
Is anyone hunting off Pleasant Grove Road in Upson County and when is the second rut going to come in?
We are right off Pleasant Grove bout a mile past Kendall Road. Saw some fresh scrapes last weekend and a buck trailing a doe after dark. Super moon didn't help the daytime movement though.
Was in the woods all weekend seen very little movement in the morning but I did see 6 does and one Buck yesterday evening all the scrapes seem to be filled up with Leafs I've been seeing a lot more activity in the evenings then in the mornings here lately