USCG boarding drug smuggling submarine


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That'll be a "fishing" tale ain't nobody gonna believe. IT WAS THIS BIG...I SWEAR!


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Congrats to this young Coast Guardsman and all that protect our borders. They're war NEVER ends. Semper Paratus!
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Get the Navy to torpedo the thing the sub nor the smugglers won't be back..


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I liked Aesop's, who runs the Raconteur blog, take on this.

Coastie courage and bravery: 5 stars.
Coastie common sense: 0. Out of a possible 10. (I may even be giving them too much credit, at that.)
One or two outbound AK rounds from the conning tower, and we're recovering wounded men down, in the open sea, with 50 pounds of tactical gear on them.
That'll turn out well.
And probably giving their families an empty coffin, just to make the cutter's captain look good, and buff up the seizure stats for WMSL-755 Munro.
For no other good and sufficient reasons

Geebus Crispies, Puddle Pirates, if you're going to get that tacc'ed up, how about you give your boarding crew an M-203 per boat (or even an "obsolete" M-79), and a bag of HEDP rounds (this is mainly 1965 technology, BTW), lay off about 50-60 yards, and do some 'splaining to Capitan Pinche Cabron about maritime law, and the universal signal to "heave to".

Yeah, why we are risking lives instead of converting this partial submersible into a full submersible is beyond me. Heck, a coupla well placed .50 cal rounds from a ma duece into the engine compartment would stop the vessel.

We either need to get serious about drug interdiction, or quit playing and go full Amsterdam. IN 30 odd years of the "War on drugs", all we have accomplished is building and filling a whole heap of prisons, outfitted every po dunk police department with better tactical gear than marines in the sand box, got a whole bunch of police, innocent citizens, and dogs shot. We dang sure aint stopped the flow of drugs one bit.
In prisons, meth and heroin are easier to get and cheaper than bugler tobacco. If we cant keep dope out of prisons, how can we keep them off the streets?
Capturing the sub and its crew is far better than sinking the vessel. Studying the sub itself, and questioning the occupants of it, will likely lead to the identity of the higher-up smuggers and their distribution center --the shops where they package the drugs for shipment, where they build their improvised subs, probably the same shop where they build bombs too. The sub-building and bomb-building facilities may be part of the same compound where they torture and execute their prisoners from rival cartels.

So yeah, make the narco sub surrender . Don't just blow the thing up from a safe distance and watch it go down.

About the methods and risks that the Coast Guard team undertook took here :

1-- Our USCG interceptor boat needed to have a megaphone on it. I don't think those narco-sub crew members could hear or understand anything people on the surface were shouting at them with just their own human voices.

2-- I wouldn't jump on the back of a vessel like that because of the risk of falling off or being knocked off and having my legs chewed off by the propeller on the back end. Even if I had a life jacket on and I didn't fear drowning if I went overboard into the water, those screws spinning at a couple thousand RPM would be my greater fear.