Useles Billy said he saw Bo$$ in the DG buying #8.97 worth of Underwood deviled ham

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phlarp a doozie
I got to get up early tomorrow and fix the fence. I got a temporary fix, but it wont hold long.
we dun got dis juan did
Bo$$ gonna fix da fence
keep dem illegal kows out of da pasture
Bo$$ don't like dem illegals
sez they ain't had their shots
Pappy offered ta shoot them all
Bo$$ sed he coodn't et that mennie fillets
I dont want the other man's cow getting in my pasture. He got them fancy pants Limousines.
Like he coodn't share them stakes
Bo$$ gots da plain Chrysler brand cows
slant 6 engines
Plymouth Dusters
Bo$$'s cows is confuzzled
Bo$$ tooks em fer a ride on da Merry Go Round.
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