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The first motor boat fatality was in 1867, when a guy was holding the spark plug wire. He last words were, Let's see if we getting fire to the motor.
Another guy invented one a couple of years later and his name was Lanchester. His motor ran on Benzene. After one outing he aint benzene no more.
Before he joined Davey Jones, he invented the carburetor. Within a week when anything didn't work, somebody would say, It must be the carburetor, and I just rebuilt it last week.
Within another year or two somebody came up with the trolling motor. They would use it to get to where they were gonna fish and then use the motor with the carburetor to troll with.
The first motor boat race was in Ireland in 1903. In 1904 they had the first shotgun start to a Bass fishing tournament on lake Sinclair. The lake was not there yet, but they said that if was ever built they would name it after the gas thst them old boats they used back then.
An old guy was building a dock on lake Burton one day and one of the Motor boats came by and hung the rope the old guy was using to build his dock. It was the first time anyone ever water skied.
There were several attempts to build an air boat back then. They could never solve the problem of keeping air in those balloons that propelled them.


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