Useless Billy said Sinclair fired him. #862

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see... phlarpin is ez
phlarpin is nice
Pappy bin phlarpin mo dan twice
Pappy gonna have ta quit postin
Pappy cheatin all them otha Billys out of a chance ta post in an epic strang
Postin in dis cheer strang will assure eva Billy a place in His Story

Pappy postin impotint stuff
and Da Bo$$ wants to post about mundane thangs like rain
wunder if Pappy orta tell Bo$$ that ta day were tha furst day dis week we ain't got no rain?
and lassss Satday night, Pappy gots ova 4 in chez of rain?
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Chased that calf running wild, after chasing him around the country side for 3 hours, and he weren't even mine. Had the same color ear tag, but the number on it did not fit any of my cows. Did get him back to his home. Guy didn't even say thank you. Some people just aint got no manners.
nah.... we just let Bo$$ figure dat out on his on
Bo$$ out abusing some fellers cows
chasing 'em around
runnin da tahler offn it
John Wayne wood be upset
Bo$$ running $$$ outta that mans pocket
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