Useless Billy said Sinclair fired him. #862

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phlarp agin
swore he neva saw it tu
Billy sed if'n he chased it sumbody were gonna pay
wid dolla's er beef
Billy sed he wood perfer dollas, cuz ya can turn dollas inta reebs
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He was wild as a deer. Finally called Cowboy and he lassoed him and hog tied him
Billy sed ya can go to a stow, take a hole case of PBR to da frunt, and when ya puts enuff dollas on da counter, da man will let cha leave widout callin da cops
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Should have butchered him and put him in the Freezer, he was close to 500 lbs.
Billy leavin a stow wid reebs and da cops not being called on him is as rare as a wild pig passin up a supper of slop
Bo$$ gonna have a cook out next weekend
All da Billys is invited.

Pappy is gettin sleepy.... not enuff doe
Meeno sleepin sittin up on da couch
good gravy... it's purt near one oclock
Pappy didn't thank he slept any when he laid down at 10:30
hadda git up and go pottie.
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