Using Bleach to attract deer


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There You Go!!

I would much rather use Institutional sized pale of Peanut Butter!!!
Now this works. I've tried it myself. You can attach it to a tree or stump or bury it in the ground leaving about 2-3 inches of the pale above ground.



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using bleach

Rudolph the whitenose reindeer...~~~~~~

Hunt naturally and fool em with your skill.


.14 cents a pound don't sound so bad for corn when you compare it to price per gallon for fuel.

But then again, it sure ain't as cheap as it use to be.


We were paying $2.00/100lb sack for #2 corn up untill 2005.
We(use to) grind our own feed for my milk goats.
Oats,corn,barley and minerals would be mixed and added to the grinder.
As corn prices rose I used less and less corn,increasing oats and barley in it's place.

Do you reckon that deer would eat oats and barley ground up???


Like deer "cat-nip"!

They eat it and the ground where it layed.
The mineral additives(calcium,manganese,phosphorus,iron,copper,potassium)are also great help for antler growth too.:D

When my herd was destroyed I still had 6400lbs of feed left.
I've been feeding around the farm since the frost left the ground(mid-april)and have three seperate "mineral licks" as well as my feed stations.

Not being a farm boy, can I get bagged ground barley and oats for feed???

Is it readily available, and affordable or is it something you have to buy in bulk and grind yourself??
bleach?! so much for the theory of scent free laundy,this will turn the whole scent free clothing industry upside down.darnit and iv finally saved enough money for a scent lok suit! whick works best regular or fresh scent?


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i've heard it from a guy that has several boone/crockett on the wall and he told me and another friend that is what he has used , first time i've ever repeated it , but that what he said , never tried it though
Ole Burrell told us that 6 years ago,J.T. brought out the secret about taking a leak in paw places,I HAVE NO MORE SECRETS,unless it is this Deer Lix you and Flash have me invested in....;):cheers: