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Hopefully someone here on Woody's will be fortunate enough to harvest a buck this weekend that is still in velvet. My question is; is there anything that needs to be done to the rack to preserve the velvet?

Thanks in advance.


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I killed a 8 pointer opening day last year in full velvet. I had just the rack mounted. I kept it cold and took it to the Taxiderist on Monday. They injected it under the velvet with A chemical you know but I cant spell. Some one else can spell it for me. Anyway, the rack looks great and is pre :D served.



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looks good confederate :)


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I want to kill one that's shedding....

and see if I can preserve the dangling pieces. I think that would make a cool looking mount.
A home remedy is to keep it in a chest freezer for 8 weeks then saturate it with a 1 part water and 3 parts salt, in a spray bottle. Or cover it completely in salt for 3 days resituate after the third day so you cover the opposite side with salt as well. Of course this isn't the professional way just the git r done way. Injecting the rack with a preservative is the professional yet expensive way. Always test the velvet before air drying make it is firm not pliable.


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depends. you can freeze dry it if the bones hard. if not you can inject it or let it sit in the freezer a couple years. It will be fine.


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I shot one with my bow this year in full velvet, my taxadermist wanted it fast to preserve it. Dont know what he put on it but it was some sort of chemical.