very fun panfish fly


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we call it the diamondback because of the diamond shape foam that i use for the back. it is very simple to tie and very effective. it is sort of like a baby stealth in the way it acts. it sort of dives and gurgles a bit on a short strip but a dead drift is a killer presentation with it. i tied some with grey legs but the yellow outperforms the greys but a HUGE margin. never would have believed it if i hadn't lived the tail whippin' till i changed !

i use a size 10 hook ,chart craft fur for the tail, a craft foam diamond for the back, black Z lon for the body and yellow round rubber legs. i have dubbed the body as well on others but the zlon is just faster. i tie the tail , then tie in the diamond pointing to the curve of the hook. tie in the zlon and wrap your thread forward stopping to tie in the legs. i wrap the z lon forward and just in front of the legs i wrap a loop of it ( so i can cut it later and make it more " buggy" lookin' ) after wrapping forward and securing , fold the diamond forward, secure and whip finish every bit as effective as my trim jims and they are cheap and fun. in the past week i put over a hundred fish on one before it got destroyed by a big shellcracker. even the bass have liked these little critters !



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let me get back to the vise and i will whip you up some . you will have a blast with em i promise !!!


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I tell you what, I've got a pond full of psycho bream that eat spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and crankbaits. I wish you were closer, I'd invite you over to try out the diamondback on them. Or, if you're willing, I'll buy a couple from you and report back.