Vintage Record Player Console

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I have been looking for one that I can refinish and put in our living room. Haven't found one at any yard sales, anyone know where I may be able to find one?
Check thrift stores. They tend to get bigger items,

Note though that there has been a resurgence in vinyl and players that were going to the dump are hot right now.
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I was thinking 50's or 60's but they're so hot right now that they are getting really hard to find at all. We have one but its a small turntable that just sits on a table. We (as a family) love music and record hunting has become a hobby of ours.

I am going to go to a thrift store tomorrow. Thanks


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I have been collecting vinyl for a couple of years here lately and it has been fun but I like the regular tabletop players don't know where to find a console model but will look around.
I have a sixties record player/AMFM radio. It's a piece of furniture though similar to the below. Not sure if this is what you're hunting. It worked the last time I tried it.