Wading boots, buyer beware!

NGS, I had the exact same thing happen to me with a pair of Rockys a long time ago. Liked the boots so much, I bought a backup pair that sat in the closet for over a year before I used them. Being a field forester, an average days walk for me is about 5 miles. First hour (and a long dang ways from the truck) I was literally Fred Flinstoning it. I was furious. Rocky said that any shoe sole will begin to break down and disintegrate if not used within a certain amount of time and they would not replace them. I'm not going to get into the warehousing and logistics of footwear but I will never buy a pair of Rocky boots again.

And for what it's worth, my Patagonia Ultralights have been good to me. (I bought them way BEFORE Patagonia decided to get into politics.)
Just curious, will you put a pair of Patagonias in the closet too?
Some interesting responses here. Sometimes it boils down not to what a company has to do, but what they should do. I sell a variety of durable goods for a living. Most come with a factory warranty, but many times I'll use good judgement to take care of a loyal customer outside of the factory warranty. It's a good business decision.

My last boot was Korkers with omnitrax. I'm probably 4 years in and untold trips, and they're still holding up. I've replaced the felt several times, but overall I've been pleased. Another pair is probably in my near future.


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I love my korkers too...gotta have that BOA quick lacing system. Fast and easy, I'll never go back to laces
I like mine as well. But the only thing I dislike about the boa laces is the way it gets tight on my legs before my feet. I have stovepipe legs lol so I get aggravated with them not getting tight enough on my feet. But that wont stop me from buying another pair in the future.