Walther PPQ

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Any reason not to buy one of the sub compacts? Was looking at the beretta apx also but the walther just "felt" better.


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I was lookin at the
Walther CCP M2
They now have a PPQ M2 10 round sub compact if that is what you want.
I know a good many people that have Walthers and all the comments are good.
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Ok boys. I pulled the trigger (pun intended) and got the PPQ in sub compact. Man this thing shoots great. fun little gun to shoot and a comfortable mid range size. With the 10 round mag its plenty small for a CCW and with the 15 round extended mag that came with it it becomes VERY comfortable to shoot. Shot some steel with it this weekend but only a box of ammo. Want to get it to the range to see how it groups on paper but I would highly recommend it.

Not sure if this is allowed or not so mods can delete if needed but got the pistol at Georgia Gun Shop up in Gainesville. They were almost $100 cheaper than anyone else closer into the metro and a very helpful and pleasant to deal with.