Want to build a box stand? here's your plans/ updated new pics !

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Definitely helped. I downloaded the first plan and have decided on it. It KISS and only $200. I was going to go all out with crazy add ons like sliding windows, carpet, office chairs but that just ain't rough enough ;) appreciate the heads up on some great plans
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Yes sir your welcome.. I am building a base myself and was doing research. I have sliding glass windows and carpet in mine.. The glass last much longer than plexiglass and doesn't scratch or have some of the haze glare. The carpet is for sound proofing more than anything


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After you build the box, how difficult is it to get it up on the support legs? The box looks like it would be heavy. Any advice on buidling a tower stand? I would like to build one this summer big enough for me and my boy.
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I got the Home Depot ones myself 88 shipped to my door great brackets you don't want the straight ones. As far as standing it up there is a heap of ways to do that. Tractor pulley up high in a tree and pull it up . Put eye bolts in one side and use a truck becareful here
The brackets sure make it easier...but one site sells for $139 and the other for $119...dang, I need to get my welder out and make these and sell them on craigslist, lol.
The last link listed has some nice ideas for ground blinds also.
Thanks for the links.
This site is my favorite site on the internet...great source of info.


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Bump for some super ideas for those of us looking to upgrade some stands.
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I plan to build some some more I have some plastic sheeting that is like ply wood in 4x8 sheets I have some that's 1/8 thick perfect for walls and sides etc