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Found the old treestand guide, and wondered if anyone out there, was still using a Warren and Sweat climbing tree stand.


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not me, i have exceded all of their weight ratings :rofl: i did have a warren and sweat osage that i hunted for a few years .


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Just picked one up at a garage sale. Like new...got it for $8.


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I still have 2 Riflemans.

I sold a buddy one of the Bowhunter models over 15 years ago and he still uses it.


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I still have 2 Executives. Great stands. I have to recover them every 2 or 3 years because I leave them out all season, but they are great stands. I wish they still made them.
Got one dont use it much... but it is nicknamed Climb and Sweat instead of Warren and Sweat. :bounce: :rofl:

I have a Warren and Sweat Magnum Hunter (heavy duty) with an adjustable seat that allows for either facing the tree or back to the tree while hunting. Now I use it mainly for bow hunting as it accommodates any type of shot from seated to standing...

Super comfortable stand...have killed a lot of deer from it. I have had the stand since about 1997 or 1998 and kept all the bolts tight and maintained and it is still in excellent shape...little bulky and cumbersome when backpacking it through thick stuff but overall not too heavy...


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me and my dad both use a cottonwood and love em. i think me and him have 5 or 6 total......ain`t they heavy?....4 wheeler don`t care how much it weighs.
I have a "special" that I use for WMAs....I cable it to a tree at
night and if someone steals it I will not feel to bad....It is very
comfortable and stable when you use bungie cords to attach to
the tree.....
I have thick seat pads and I can easily sit in it all day during WMA
hunts....Lots of room....Its just heavy.....


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Found the old treestand guide, and wondered if anyone out there, was still using a Warren and Sweat climbing tree stand.
i keep a few rifle hunters to place in secret spots. they are by todays standard a little too small, in their day it wuz thethe best stand out their!.:cool::yawn:::ke::cry:


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There are no newer ones....I think they went out of business about 8 or 10 years ago. Too bad. They are good stands.

If you think a Warren and Sweat stand is a little scary, you should have come up using an old Baker with a hand climber. Not for the faint of heart.
The Rifleman model in my fledgling years after hug the tree era. Worked great on small pines and when I was smaller too. Spent many a hour balled up dozing with the top of my head propped on the tree. It also taught me to be ambidextrous with a rifle- couldn't twist much in it.
My first stand was a W.&S. ladder stand that back packed , bout 10 / 12 ft. I guess. It,s on it,s 3rd. piece of plywood , and spending it,s last days 35 yards away from this at my cabin in n. Fla.:shoot: We get along like an old girlfriend.